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AdvanceLab will customize
(depending upon the machinery)
to your bottle’s specifications



AdvanceLab Plastic, Can, and Glass equipment features:

  • Stainless steel and Cast-Aluminum Platform

  • Inspects and catches defects of Bottle preforms
  • Specialize in testing Compression, Tension and Force

  • Ingenious design measuring 3 bottle sealing in one single pass



Never hesitate to send in a bottle sample for your customization process to begin

  • Exclusive Go-No-Go electronic digital gauge alarms operator

  • Measurement of Can internal Plug Diameter & flange Width all in a single pass
  • All Power is tuned off anytime when the equipment cover is opened for servicing and during Cutting-Blade replacement

  • Dual precision Micrometer Heads for quick and accurate adjustment of each of the two cutter



Contact us today for a quote
or for any additional questions



Our vision at AdvanceLab is we pride ourselves:  
  • putting operator's Safety at Highest Priority
  • producing instruments with Highest Quality Standards
  • Energy Effiencient advance design
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